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How To Hit A Draw Shot

To be able to draw the golf ball is an important skill. Golf Digest did an extensive test into the differences between a fade/slice and a draw shot. They tested a driver at the same swing speed at one and one-half degrees closed to produce a draw, and one and one-half inches open to produce a fade. They kept the swing angle, and angle of attack the same for both shape of shots, and noted the difference in the two shot types.

The differences between a fade and a draw shot were great, as the drawn shots averaged 233 yards in carry and roll, the fades only 216. Therefore it is possible for you to gain at least 17 yards in distance on a fade.

Top pro's like Adam Scott favor the draw shot Here is how you draw the ball. Use a slightly wider stance that usual and play the ball slightly back of center and aim your feet, hips and shoulders squarely but to the right of the target. Adjust your feet to aim to the right of the target. The angle of your feet depends on your individual swing and desired results, and can range from 5 to 45 degrees. Try 10-15 degrees to the right to start. Aim the club face directly at your target and use your normal grip.

Take your club back low and wide along the line of your feet. Regulate the amount of hook by how much you toe-in the club at address. Swing normally and with a sweeping motion. You may want to stand a little taller at address to create a flatter swing plane.

On your drives, set your body to right of the target, and aim your club at the target, and swing along your body line. Keep your left hand grip light and your right hand grip firm. Make your left foot perpendicular to the target line, and turn your right foot out. Use a strong grip and light grip pressure. Let your right hand overtake your left hand through the impact.

The above directions are for right-handers, all you need to do is reverse them for lefty’s.

One of the best books we’ve ever reviewed on how to stop slicing and play with a consistent draw is The Draw Blueprint. In it they show you step-by-step how to turn even a bad slice into a powerful, penetrating right-to-left draw shot. If you take a look I think you’ll agree they back up their system with a pretty solid guarantee.