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Golf Address and Alignment Tip

Golf address tip – most golfers, while playing a round, have watched a friend address their tee shot and thought to themselves “Why on earth are they aiming so far right/left?” The player then takes the shot and turns to you in disgust with a comment like “What on earth is wrong with my swing? How come the ball has gone that far right?” Only for you to answer “Because that’s where you were¬†aiming!

golf address tipNo matter how good your golf swing is – if you are aiming in the wrong direction you will obviously have problems.

However, advanced players know that as well as lining up the clubface at address that they must also line up their feet at a line parallel to the target line, as shown here. But…

golf alignment tip…one thing that even advanced players forget is that although their feet are correctly aligned, they should also make sure that the shoulders are correctly aimed.

This can be done by holding a club across the chest and aiming it down the correct parallel aim line as shown. When the whole body is aimed and aligned correctly, it makes a simple, none compensating golf swing so much easier to achieve.