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How To Give The Golf Ball Back Spin

Good golfers apply to the golf ball back spin to hold their approach shots on the green. The amateur golfer often watches the TV in amazement as the Pro’s spin back the golf ball huge distances, sometimes even too far, right back off the green!So what is the secret that the Pro’s know that makes it possible for them to achieve this?

Well actually it is a combination of four main factors. Follow these to give the ball back spin with your wedge shots next time you play.

1. Select the right golf ball – if you do not play a soft-covered ball then however hard you try you will not be able to give the golf ball back spin. Playing a soft covered ball used to mean balata balls, which were expensive, less durable and generally didn’t go as far. However, recent breakthroughs in ball technology mean that you can now play a ball with a soft cover, that is durable and also is good for distance.

clean grooves for golf ball back spin2. Club face grooves – Even a top Pro would struggle to generate back spin with a wedge that had dirty, or worn grooves. You must make sure the grooves on the clubface are clean before you play a round. Consider replacing your wedge or having it re-grooved if it is very worn.

3. Conditions – Pro’s play shots from tightly mown fairways, onto usually fairly soft or watered greens. Long grass between the ball and the clubface will prevent any backspin. Don’t expect to get the ball spinning backwards from the rough or a long-grassed fairway.

4. Technique – Pro golfers, when using their wedges, hit the ball with a square, slightly downward stroke. This puts their clean clubface onto their soft-covered ball and compresses it against the tightly mown fairway, applying back spin to the golf ball. As long as the green has a certain amount of “give” the ball will stop and spin back.

As you can see 3 out of the 4 factors are nothing to do with your technique. Getting these right is a matter of good preparation.
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