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Golf Chipping Tip – The Chip Putt

This golf chipping tip is very useful for a ball that has a good lie, and is only a few feet of the green. It is essentially a putting stroke with a lofted club that lofts the ball a few feet in the air.

When the ball lies further than a few feet of the green it is better to use the normal chipping method. If you have difficulty with this try Chipping Fundamentals to learn the proper technique.

However, from close in this is a great shot to have.

The weight is distibuted 50/50 and the the shaft is near vertical, the hands being only slightly pressed forward. 

The choice of club can be anything from a mid-iron to a sand- wedge, however, when the ball is addressed only the toe of the club should be touching the ground.

The club is held with the normal putting grip.

A simple arm swing produces a shallow angle of attack – the natural loft of the club generating the required height to lift the ball onto the green and get it rolling towards the hole.

The chip putt uses the same set-up as that of the putting stroke. The putter is simply swapped for a short-iron, or a mid-iron gripped down the shaft.

The ball is positioned in the center of the stance.

The club should be taken back just like a putter, with no wrist hinge.

Make a pendulum swing through the impact area, keeping your head still, and your eyes firmly fixed on the spot.

The club should follow through the same distance as it was taken back.

This is a great golf chipping tip for chips from just off the green that could be thinned, or duffed in high pressure situations.