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Golf Chipping Tips

Our page of golf chipping tips is consistently one of the most visited. Good chipping is so important to scoring well, so much so that whole books such as Chipping Fundamentals by Purepoint Golf are available on the subject. Many golfers have the problem of being able to get the ball 400 yards, from the tee to beside the green, in relatively few shots, only to waste vital strokes by mis-hitting their chip shots.Follow these chipping tips and start knocking them close!

A major factor in hitting consistent chip shots is for the hands to lead the clubface through impact.

The vast majority of thinned or fluffed chip shots occur when the clubhead overtakes the hands and is, therefore travelling on the upswing, rather that delivering a descending blow at impact.

The first thing to do at set up is to move the majority of your weight (approx.70-30) onto the left foot. The ball is played towards the back of the stance, and the hands go ahead of the ball.

The chip shot can now be played with the correct downward strike. You should NOT be trying to slide the clubface under the ball, or scoop the ball into the air.

The key now is to make sure that you keep the hands ahead of the ball and not allow your wrists to dominate the shot. Players who get “wristy” at impact run the risk of thinning it clean through the green or chunking it a few inches.

One swing-thought that can prevent this is as follows: 

At address imagine there is a straight line up from the ball.

Set your hands ahead of it and then simply concentrate on getting the grip and shaft past the line before the clubhead when you strike the ball.

*Golf Chipping Tip

Don’t give yourself a body blow – try this quick check drill below before chipping on the course.

Grip a club well down the shaft and play a practice chip.

You’re breaking your wrists if the handle strikes you.
The handle of the club will stay well away from you if your wrist action is correct.

This correct action can be grooved in practice if you use a training aid that extends the golf club handle so that if you use a correct chipping technique the extended handle won’t hit your body.

Regular practice with a product like this will ingrain a good chipping technique, and save a lot of shots over the course of a year. If however you’re having a lot of problems with your chipping I’ve heard very good reports about the product that’s mentioned above – Chipping Fundamentals.

These guys are some of the best short game coaches around and guarantee that you will shave at least 7 shots from your round within 60 days or you get back your money. That’s a pretty fair deal I’d say!

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