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Golf Driving Tip

Think Like A Pro On The Tee

Here is a golf driving tip that many club golfers could use to immediately improve there percentage of fairways hit.

If a round of golf was played on a flat open field, with all 18 holes being pretty much the same, golf would be a very boring game indeed. Fortunately, golf course designers give us a wide variety of holes with many having curved fairways and various hazards.

With this in mind, most amateur golfers pay little, or no attention, to where they tee the ball up between the tee markers. They normally just walk on to the tee box, choose a place somewhere fairly central, tee up and drive off. They do not use any course management or strategy, which can cost more shots than a flawed golf swing.

Firstly. a good golf driving tip is to be realistic as to what point you can reach in terms of distance and accuracy, and concentrate on driving the ball to an achievable target.

Secondly, one thing that can be learnt from watching professional golfers is to copy how they take their time to survey the hole, decide where they want to place the ball on the fairway, and then tee the ball up in such a position between the markers that will suit their natural golf shot.

To illustrate this golf driving tip, say for instance, that your natural golf shot is a fade. On most holes you should tee the ball up on the right side of the tee box, fairly close to the right side tee marker. If you then aim at the the left side of the fairway your fade will bring the ball to the middle of the fairway. If for some reason you hit the ball straight, you will finish on the left hand edge of the fairway. If however your fade turns into a slice you should still end up on the right edge of the fairway. Either way, using this golf driving tip, you should still have a shot to the green.

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