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A short and wide golf swing beats a long and narrow one

Some of the most searched for golf driving tips are those that will show players how to hit the ball further. In fact there are some really good instruction courses around these days, such as 5 Keys To Golf Driving Distance by former World Long Drive Champion Eric Jones, that concentrate soley on helping golfers drive the ball further.

golf driving tipGolfers often think that a longer golf swing equates to longer tee shots. However to gain those extra yards off the tee – short and wide is better than long and narrow.

By swinging the club too far back, all you do is lose width and control.

In fact, you actually lose power from a position like this because you get narrow, and the angle of attack becomes too steep.


golf swing driver
This is a much more powerful position for straighter and longer golf drives.

You can get all the power you need from little more than a three-quarter-length backswing, as long as you have a correct wrist hinge and full body turn.

With this simple golf driving tip, you will get much more width into your golf swing resulting in more consistent longer drives.


It is highly recommended that you practice with a training aid such as a hinged training club to really “groove” a one-piece take away and achieve this width in your golf swing.

Of course, when it comes to gaining yards on your drives, fitness can also be a major factor.

Obviously, general fitness is helpful, but specialised driving drills such as those developed for 5 Keys To Golf Driving Distance can teach you how to draw your tee shots adding as much as 30 yards to your drives.

In fact, 5 Keys To Golf Driving Distance program is getting some really good reviews at the moment and it gets our highest recommendation. What I like about this program is that it isn’t fronted by an unknown teaching pro from a small town golf club. The man giving all the instruction is actually former World Long Drive Champion Eric Jones.

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