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A Golf Exercise For Power!

Rotate. Rotate. Rotate. For A Powerful Swing!

The golf swing is a rotation back and a rotation forward. So why wouldn’t you do as much as you could, improving your rotational strength and flexibility.

Pounding more balls won’t improve this. You’ll just get more frustrated at your lack of results.

This is a golf exercise you need to do “off-the-course”. And the beauty is you can do it in your home, with minimal equipment. No gym membership. No $3,000 piece of exercise equipment.

When you think of working or improving your abdominal (“core”) strength, what do you do? Or do you do anything at all? That might be the more important question.

Well, whether you do something or not, you need to change your mindset, to adding as many rotational movements to your routine as possible.

No more straight up situps or crunches. They’re good, but won’t improve your golf swing, speed or power.

One example of a golf exercise (there are many) you can do to increase the strength and flexibility of your “core” is the Standing Trunk Twist with a dumbbell.

All you do is: * Grab a light (5-8 pound) dumbbell on it’s end with both hands. One end of the dumbbell in one hand and the other end in the other hand. * Place it right in front of your belly button. * While facing a mirror, rotate back and forth, while keeping your head and lower body very stable, just like in your swing. * Do this, at let’s say 60% effort (or speed). * Do 20 turns, then take a break. * Repeat 2-3 times a couple of days a week.

That’s it! How easy was that?

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