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How to achieve the flexibility you need to improve your golf swing immediately

Golf exercises by Mike Pedersen, CPTAre you frustrated at not being able to make a FULL backswing? Do you feel tight and restricted everytime you swing the club? How about your distance off the tee? – Golf exercises to improve your flexibility, specific to golf, are the solution.

Flexibility is a joint’s ability to move through a full range of motion, while requiring less energy to do so and greatly decreasing your risk of injury.

Flexibility for golf is a crucial component that will improve distance, power, and accuracy. Most golf professionals agree that stretching consistently improves range of motion during the swing, and decreases resistance in tissue structures.

GOLF TIP: The Simple Stretch that Helps You Attain Better Golf Posture – and relieve pressure on your lower back when you play

One of the most important golf exercises, it targets the muscle group in your hamstrings, or the back of the upper leg. Eighty percent (80%) of all amateur golfers have very tight hamstrings but don’t do anything about it. As a result, they are unable to get into — or maintain — their golf posture. Here’s the stretch that will solve that problem:

I call it the “Standing Hamstring Stretch.” Find something that’s about the height of your groin area — maybe a counter or the back of a couch. Gently pick up on leg and put your foot on the counter or the back of the couch. With a slightly bent knee, lean over that leg with your upper body. Hold it for a count of 10 and repeat. That’s all there is to it! Do this most simple of golf exercises everyday and watch your golf posture and performance greatly improve.

Mike Pedersen is widely acknowledged as one of the leading golf fitness experts in the United States, having taught thousands of golfers — including golf pros — the fitness approach to playing a consistently great game of golf.

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