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Golf Grip Tip

Stay Connected With This Golf Grip Tip

Here is a golf grip tip that will help you to maintain a good grip throughout the swing. A golfer can often get away with a poor golf swing by using compensatory movements and corrections. It is however much harder to play with a poor golf grip. With this in mind, here is a simple drill that will allow you to check the functionality of your grip during your golf swing.

Take a blade of grass and, while taking your grip, place it between your hands. Position it so that it is pressed between the bottom of the fleshy pad at the base of your right thumb and the top of your left hand thumb.

With the piece of grass trapped in place take the club back to the top of your backswing – the piece of grass should still be trapped firmly in place – showing that your grip is firm and connected.

However, if the piece of grass has fallen out, this is a sure sign that your hands are becoming seperated during the swing. This can lead to the golf club moving about at the top of the swing which can change the club face angle and swing path.

Practice this drill until the piece of grass stays firmly in place showing your grip to be connected and secure.