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Golf Grip Tip 2

The Correct Golf Grip Pressure

Golfers whose golf swings are much admired such as Ernie Els and Fred Couples usually have a very relaxed and flowing golf swing. They achieve these great golf swings by making sure one thing is missing, and that is the average golfer’s public enemy number one – tension! This destructive muscle tenseness is usually worse when a player feels under pressure. Here is a golf grip tip that will help you combat tension and improve your golf swing.

Tension causes a golfer to grip the club too tightly. This strangle-hold on the golf club causes the forearms to be tense which in turn causes all the muscles in the body to become too tight, resulting in poor rhythm and timing. This means shots lack consistency and distance.

A good golf grip tip is to during a round use one of the many images that have been used to demonstrate the correct golf grip pressure.

One such image to picture in your mind while taking a few preshot practice swings is the following. Imagine that instead of a golf club, you are holding a tube of toothpaste with the top off. Grip it tight enough so as not to drop it – but not tight enough so that any toothpaste would come out of the tube.

A visual check for this golf grip tip is to hold the club in the left hand only and raise it up to waist height. Look at the thumbnail of your left hand and see what colour it is. If you are gripping too tight you will see whiteness around the tip. If the pressure is correct your nail will appear it’s normal pink colour.

The golf swing has often been compared to the cracking of a whip. This comparison makes you realise exactly how important it is, in the golf swing, to stay loose and relaxed for the speed and fluidity that generate distance. This golf grip tip and practice with a golf grip trainer should help you achieve this.