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Golf Grip Tips

Golf Grip Tips – The legendary golfer Ben Hogan summed it up perfectly when he said – “A player with a bad golf grip doesn’t want a good swing” Here’s how to form the perfect golf grip. We recommend you practice with Golf Grip Tips *Top Reviewed Product*

1. Hold the top of the golf club with your right hand.*Important Golf Grip Tip – For the perfect golf grip let your left-hand hang naturally from the shoulder with your hand down the side of the golf club grip. The left hand will actually turn slightly inwards, towards the body, this is ok – golfer Nick Faldo recommends this golf grip tip for forming the perfect golf grip.
grip the golf club 2. Bring the left hand forward from its NATURAL hanging position and place it against the golf club grip. The shaft should run from the fleshy pad in your palm down DIAGONALLY downwards. It should run approxiamately 1/4 inch (6mm)from the base of your little finger down through the middle joint of your index finger.
3. Now close the fingers of your left hand to form the perfect golf grip. *Important Golf Grip Tip – Do NOT grip the club too tightly. The perfect grip pressure has been likened to holding a tube of toothpaste – tight enough to hold it, but not so tight that you would squeeze out the paste.
4. Your thumb should be on top of the grip, just a little to the right of center as you look down on it.*Important Golf Grip Tip – do not push the left thumb too far down the grip of the club. It may give the feeling of a more solid hold on the club, but in fact has the opposite effect, as it prevents the thumb properly supporting the golf club at the top of the backswing.
correct golf grip 5. Now bring your right hand from its natural position, and lay the club into the fingers. Your right thumb and index finger should form a kind of trigger around the grip. To form the perfect golf grip, rest the little finger of your right hand into the groove formed by the first and second fingers of the left hand.*Important Golf Grip Tip – have the feeling that the palm of your right hand mirrors the angle of the golf club face.

To really ingrain the correct golf grip it is sensible to purchase a practice club like the Refiner Swing Trainer that has a pre-molded grip that positions your hands into the perfect golf grip. Regular practice with such a club will help you to be very comfortable with your golf grip.