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Golf Long Drive Tip

Relax and Let It Rip

Here’s a golf long drive tip that really works.

There are many factors that can increase distance off the tee. For instance an expertly planned exercise program such as that available at 5 Keys To Golf Driving Distance would certainly help. Using a modern driver and hard cover golf ball also undoubtedly have great effect. However, the one thing you can do, more easily than anything, the next time you play golf – is relax.

The great Jack Nicklaus says that when he came to a tee shot where he wanted that extra little bit of distance, he would widen his stance a little and then, relax and stay loose a little bit more. Also, when asked whose swing they most admire, most golfers would have Ernie Els spring into mind – an extremely powerful player but someone who swings with apparent ease.

So what can you do to try to achieve a more relaxed swing?

Firstly, you must mentally accept one fact – you will drive the ball further and much more accurately if you do not try to hit the ball hard. Big hitters on tour all have great freedom of movement through the ball striking area. They simply relax and create immense clubhead speed as they “freewheel” the club through impact.

Secondly, it is very easy when trying to go for more distance to grip the club too tightly. This immediately creates tension throughout the body – at best slowing muscles and reducing clubhead speed, at worst causing you to snatch the club back and take the swing out of the ideal swing plane. You need to make a conscious effort to grip the club lightly.

golf long drive tipPractice Drill

The drill to promote the correct tension free golf swing is simple but effective. Grip a club tightly and then close your eyes. Start to swing the club and listen for the “swish” noise that it makes at the bottom of the downswing. You will notice with a tight grip that there is very little noise.

Now relax your grip – you will notice that the more relaxed your grip becomes the louder the “swish” at the bottom of the swing becomes. This shows a definite increase in clubhead speed.

Try and recreate this feeling during your next round of golf. This increased noise will then convert into increased yards off the tee!