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Controlling Your Golf Mind

Controlling your “golf mind” is imperative if you want to shoot a low golf score. According to “golf mind” expert Dr. Fran Pirozzolo knowing how to manage the mental and emotional challenges that come up on the golf course is a skill that can be learned.With this knowledge, if you really want the best out of yourself as a golfer, and want to be playing to your best possible level, areas that you need to concentrate on to improve your mental golf are:

  • The very first thing you need to do is believe that you can!
  • Detach yourself from what goes on around you.
  • To turn off destructive self-talk and replace it with positive, constructive self-talk.
  • Regulate your highs and lows to stay on your best game.
  • Learn to handle mistakes (which determines how well you’ll play).
    Believe that when you train your mind, your body will follow.
  • Be confident in yourself and confident in repeating your swing.
  • Understand the importance of “staying in the moment”.

In summary it is extremely important to remember that mental golf training is as important (if not more important) to your golfing success than any part of your game. You must understand clearly that mistakes are part of the game, and maintain your poise under the most demanding conditions.

It is well worth investing your time in improving your “golf mind” by learning some mental golf tips and techniques that you can practice before and during a round. Dr. Pirozzolo’s GolfMind Software is the ultimate in golf mind control and well worth a look.