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What is the one most important golf putting tip that you MUST get right?

Good putting is extremely important to scoring well. There are lots of golf putting tips, but, unlike the full-swing, there is very little fact based help available to show people exactly what they should be practising.

So what is the one most important aspect of your technique – the one thing you absolutely have to get right? Well, firstly you have got to understand the three most important variables that make up a good stroke. They are as follows:

Stroke Path – the path that the club takes in relation to the target. An ideal path would be straight back, strike the ball and then through to the target.

Face Angle – this is the angle of the putter face as it contacts the golf ball. Obviously, it is best if the face is exactly square to the target. Every fraction of a degree that it is away from square increases the chances of a missed putt.

Impact Point – this is the point on the putter face that the golf ball makes contact with during the stroke. The ideal contact point is referred to as the “sweet spot”.

Now most amateur golfers realise the importance of a correct stroke path and face angle in their putting, and try different golf putting tips to make sure that they have a straight stroke while holding the face of the putter square.

And which one of these three factors is the most crucial to the golf putting stroke? You guessed it, surprisingly, its the impact point!

Yes, in research done by putting expert Dave Pelz, he concluded that the most important aspect of these key areas is making sure that you strike the ball with, or as close as possible to, the “sweet spot” on your putter.

If the ball is struck off-center then it has two major effects on the putt. Firstly, the putter face is twisted open or closed causing the ball to go off-line.

Secondly, some of the energy that was meant to be transferred to the ball is lost, causing putts to come up short. The most common cause of three-putting is a badly struck first putt finishing well short of the hole.

*Golf Putting Tip – Test how good you are at finding the sweet spot of your putter by using a Tac Tic Putter Bubble available from Practice Range. This will show you where the golf ball is contacting the putter face and will allow you to adjust accordingly.

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