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Fix the Golf Shanks

The golf shanks can cause the most embarrassing shot for both beginner and experienced player alike. The shank shot is a result of the ball hitting the part of the golf club where the shaft meets the clubface. This area is called the hosel of the club or socket. When the ball hits this part of the club the ball shoots off at a ridiculous angle straight right, almost at ninety degrees as to where the golfer is aiming.

The main problem with the golf shanks is the almost mysterious way that a player can suddenly develop this affliction during a round and then consistently reproduce this most horrid of shots without any obvious logical explanation. For this reason just the mention of the word can send shivers down the spine of even the most experienced golfer.

So, what is the major cause of the golf shank? Well, invariably it is caused by an incorrect weight distribution during the swing, specifically too much of the players weight goes onto the toes during the downswing causing the ball to impact the club face off-center towards the hosel of the club.

fix the golf shanksSo, the simple answer to “how do I cure the golf shanks” is to keep more weight on the heels during the swing. If you look at a side-on of the swing of Tiger Woods you can see how evenly his weight is distributed front to back and how stable he looks. There seems little chance from this position that he will dip forward on to his toes. His body angle is of course perfect – many amateurs stoop forward towards the ball at address which is the reason their weight goes on to their toes during the swing.

One reason why good players can develop the shanks is when their swing arc becomes too narrow and steep. If you think about, if your swing arc narrows the only way you are going to make good contact with the ball is to lean into the shot slightly – the weight goes onto the toes and a shanked golf shot is the result. So, why would your swing arc narrow? The answer is when you fail to complete a good shoulder turn. If the shoulders don’t turn the only way to keep the club going back is on an upward, steep and narrow plane.

Golf Shanking CureRemember, if you want to permanently fix the golf shanks to get a good shoulder turn. At the top of your backswing your left shoulder needs to be over your right knee. (You don’t have to turn quite as far as John Daly – pictured right – unless you have a rubber backbone!)

This will maintain your swing arc and prevent you having to make the downswing adjustment of leaning onto your toes.Also make sure that you have a relaxed grip so that the clubface will release properly rather than the hosel of the club leading the clubface through impact.

To summarize, the cause of the golf shanks is the weight going onto the toes during the swing. The simple way to fix the golf shanks is to concentrate on keeping the weight on the heels during the swing. For a more permanent golf shank cure it is worth spending some time checking your body angle at address and making sure that you have a full shoulder turn on the backswing with a relaxed grip.


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