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Cure Your Golf Slice Quickly

If you are out on the golf course and develop a golf slice,

here are 3 quick ways to cure that dreaded left-to-right
banana shot.

Sometimes even low-handicap golfers can suddenly start
slicing their tee shots without warning. The driver is a
very unforgiving club, so even the smallest flaw in
technique can be exposed and amplified. So, what do you do
if you are halfway through a round and out of nowhere start
slicing the ball from the tee? Well, the first thing to
do is stay calm. As you are probably aware, if you become
tense about things your muscles in turn become tense – and
tense muscles are one of the main reasons why someone can
develop a golf slice in the first place.

So. assuming that you keep yourself relaxed about the
situation, what can you do to cure your immediate problem?
Well, one thing that you must not do at this stage is start
to analyse your golf swing. The time to make any
adjustments to your swing is when you are practising, not
during a round. All you will achieve by changing your
swing during a round will be to become more tense and
disjointed. This will lead to worse shots, even more
tension, and a basic downward spiral leading to a bad round.

Here are 3 things you can do if you if you develop a golf
slice during a round:

1. Strengthen your grip. Even experienced players who know
that a weak grip can lead to slicing will often think to
look at their swing during a round rather than making a
simple grip change and looking at their overall technique
later on the practice range. For, novices to strengthen
your grip you need to shift the “V” that is made by your
thumb and index finger of your right hand. As you look
down at your right hand on the club you need to shift this
“V” to the right so that it points up more at your right
shoulder turning it away from your chin. (Reverse for

2. Do not show your chest to early to the line of the shot.
What do I mean by this? Well, this little tip can just
help you to keep you attacking the ball on the right swing
path. At the finish of your golf shot your chest should
point in the target that you were aiming for. With this
tip just try to delay letting your chest follow through as
quick to point towards the target. This will just help to
keep the club on the right path and prevent a golf slice.

3. Aim further left. “Are your serious!” I hear you ask.
Yes – even though nobody likes playing with a slice, as
mentioned previously the practice area is the place to work
out what is going wrong in your swing. During a round it
is much better to accept the swing that you have for the
day and play with it, compensating accordingly. However,
one thing that you must be careful of is that if you do
decide to aim further left is to align your whole body
towards this point. The reason being if you just aim the
clubface further and leave your stance pointing straight
you will more than likely change your swing path and
accentuate your golf slice.

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