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A Golf Slice Tip For Instant Results

This golf slice tip is not intended to show you how to completely cure your slice. It is instead for use on the course if you suddenly develop a slice part way through a round. This shot pattern with an extreme left-to-right ball flight can can seriously affect your score. If this happens to you during a game try the following:

Strengthen your left hand on the club. What does this mean? Well, simply rotate your left hand on the club so that when you grip the handle you can look down and see two-and-a-half to three knuckles.

Also, for your tee shots make sure that you tee the ball higher than normal with the top of your driver level with the middle of the ball.

Often, the two parts of this quick tip may already be known by a player, but they don’t use them on the course to correct a fault that has suddenly developed. Instead, they compound their problems further by trying to work out their swing problems during a round. Be wise, use this emergency slice fix and work out your swing faults afterwards on the practice range.