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Golf Swing Secret

Learn this golf swing secret to perfect your transistion and swing like a pro!

Amateur golfers often believe that tour pros know a special golf swing secret, or magic swing move, that if shared could miraculously transform high handicap golfers into elite golfing machines! Unfortunately, no such one secret is in existence. Golf pros generally rely on sound fundamentals, such as good grip, stance, and swing plane.
However, the closest thing to this one golf swing secret, can be found at the moment that the backswing becomes the downswing – the transistion. A good transistion seperates the bad golfer from the good golfer possibly more than any aspect of the golf swing.

The Magic Move

To set in motion a correct, powerful downswing it is necessary for the upper and lower body to be moving in the opposite direction just before the downswing actually starts. This transition move means the moment before your arms and club reach the top of the backswing, the lower body led by the left knee and hip are moving and rotating towards the target.

The Two Major Effects

Firstly, in a word power! Power in the golf swing is caused by the coil of the upper body against a braced right knee. A good example of this is big hitting John Daly – he swings the club way back but just as importantly his lower body and hips hardly turn. Now, if you perform the transition properly, while your lower body has started to move towards the target your shoulders and arms are still going away from the ball increasing this coil effect!

Secondly, one of the most common faults in golf is “hitting” early at the ball with a bad movement which is commonly referred to as “coming over the top”. This correct transition means that the downswing is led by the lower body with the club coming last for an on-plane powerful strike.

Practising this part of your golf swing can lead to big improvements in your game. We highly recommend that you groove this golf swing secret with a swing trainer such as the Refiner Training Club