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Golf Swing Tempo

Simple golf swing tips are often the best – one such tip is to try to think short to hit long!

Many golfers find difficulty in retaining their rhythm when hitting long irons. However, there is a simple pre-shot drill that can help overcome this problem.

When faced with a long-iron shot, first hold the club at the bottom end of the grip just above the metal of the shaft. Then make a few gentle practice swings and imagine you are about to hit a wedge shot.

Next, move your hands halfway up the grip and this time imagine you’re swinging a 5 or 6 iron. Finally, grip the club normally at the top of the handle and try to retain the rhythm you created with your previous swings. That way, you’ll find playing those long-iron shots much easier.

If you struggle with the tempo of your swing you may consider getting a copy of theĀ Fred Couples On Tempo video.

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