free golf swing tips

Golf Swing Tips

Often the problem with golf swing tips is that they can cause the player to over-analyze their technique whilst out on the course. Here are three mental keys, that will help you to improve your game, by using visualization to naturally ingrain movements into your swing.

One will help with swing plane, one with tempo, and the other with balance.

Swing Plane Tip

Do not under estimate the power of this golf tip. To make sure that your rightgolf swing tip elbow is in the correct position at the top of your backswing, imagine that you are carrying a tray with a drink on it. Your top of backswing position and the “waiters” arm position should be exactly the same.

This sets your right elbow in the correct position and also makes sure that the golf club is swinging on the right swing plane with the proper clubface angle.

This is one of those golf swing tips that you can take on the course with you and have a constant check for your backswing position.


If you want to make sure you are perfectly on plane we’d probably recommend you try a program like the Ultimate Golf System which has had extremely good reviews by our readers. Other training systems that have had positive feedback are Instant Golf Slice Cure and The Simple Golf Swing . One of the best products we’ve come across for grooving a perfect golf swing plane is the Refiner Hinged Trainer