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Golf Training Aids

Practical Accessories To Improve Your Golf Swing

The proper use of golf training aids can dramatically improve the swing of the average golfer.

Professionals have many hours at there disposal to hit ball after ball at the range, while their coach looks on giving them feedback as to how they should be swinging.

The average amateur though has no such luxuries, so the best way to achieve instant feedback, and make changes in the swing, is with the use of good golf training aids that can help to quickly form the correct muscle memory for a good golf swing.

There are many clever devices and inventions available to help with areas of the game such as:

  • Swingplane
  • Grip
  • Wrist Position
  • Knee Flex
  • Tempo
  • Strength
  • Putting Stroke

Practising with these items can help “groove” the right movements in the golf swing, and allow a player to build a sound repetitive technique.
Some items are even available for a player to practice with in the house, or at the office, and still be ingraining the correct movements into his golf swing.