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The Martial Arts & Golf Tip Instruction

Traditional golf tip instruction is primarily devoted to technique and swing mechanics.

Here is an article by Jamie Zimron of KiAi Golf.  Jamie is an LPGA Pro, Aikido 5th Degree Black Belt, Sports Psychologist and Mind-Body Fitness Trainer. This combination brings a unique, and extremely powerful, approach to golf tip instruction.

Relaxation is the natural state of all living things – including, believe it or not, golfers! Relaxation is an open free-flowing state, where energy moves effortlessly and properly. It’s what allows you to generate maximum power (energy) in your swing and to deliver this energy to the golf ball for optimal ball flight.

The big impediment is TENSION, due to: 1) tight muscles and “trying to kill-it” 2) tightening your mind with worry, doubt and over-thinking 3) not breathing!

Try this simple exercise to discover one surefire easy way to relax:

1) Stand up, with your arms at your sides, and tense your whole body.

2) Now simply think about a spot a little below your navel and drop all your awareness and weight into your belly.

3) Notice how you automatically exhale, your shoulders drop and the muscles in your legs and knees soften.


You’ve actually placed your mind in your belly (what the Japanese call “hara” or “center.”). And you’ve lowered your center, letting your body do what it naturally loves to do – BREATHE and RELAX.

It’s not complicated or difficult! But it is very powerful and absolutely essential to playing your best golf, both physically and mentally. Relaxation releases energy bound up in your mind and muscles, so that it can flow happily into your swing and shots!

We found the extremely good KiAi Golf Tip Instruction Series goes into much greater depth about relaxation, breathing, centering, and many more Essentials for Excellence. You will finally achieve the results you’re looking for on the golf course. No gimmicks or gadgets – just the real thing, combining the best of eastern wisdom and modern western training methods.